ReCreations Ministries was established in 1986 our vision and mission for outreach and service are to inspire and empower others to become extraordinary through pursuing excellence. 



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ReCreations Ministries was established in 1986 our vision and mission for outreach and service are to inspire and empower others to become extraordinary through pursuing excellence. Through our Lord, Jesus Christ we are dedicated to a servant/transformational leadership model through practically applying the Word of God. Our goals are to train each one to reach one, we are sincerely an end time global evangelistic outreach ministry that is working to serve you by addressing the mind, body, soul and/or spirit as it relates to one's purpose/meaning in life, beliefs, and connectedness to each other and this world. 



ReCreations Ministries is an outreach ministry that will reach the lost at all cost!

Our sincere goals are to be the Rare Fit that will inspire you and your organization as it works toward becoming a healthier you and ministry by pursing excellence!​



 Operation Rescue is a foundation that unlocks the heart of serving others through ministering the gospel and meeting needs



ReCreations Ministries provides outreaching services in our community through sharing the gospel through providing health wellness, fitness and dance community outreaches & workshops & conferences:


*Closing Senior Services: August 11, 2019 at 1:30pm to 2:30pm 

Morningside House of St. Charles

70 Village Street
  Waldorf, MD 20602


*Feeding the Charles County, Maryland
Homeless through the Safe Night Lifestyles Program in partnership with
Springs of Living Water Church of Restoration in La Plata, Maryland in October & December each year.


“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it.  Autograph your work with becoming EXTRAORDINARY, through pursuing excellence!“

Evangelist Jacqueline Pressey,

Doctoral Candidate


Founder, Evangelist/Hospital Chaplain


Ms. Pressey is a physician & facilitator of inspiration for the soul! She has worked in the health, fitness, and wellness industry for more than thirty plus years. She was a full-time professor and academic advisor for Pre-Professional Physical Therapy and Sport Administration concentrations at Morgan State University’s Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, located in Baltimore, Maryland for six years. During her Morgan tenure, she sang and traveled with the Morgan State Choir for 4 1/2 years.  Evangelist Pressey was elevated and consecrated as an Apostolic Hospital Chaplain in April 2018 and was previously ordained as an Apostolic Elder in January 2010.

She also served as an Assistant Chaplain and the Liturgical Dancers of Praise Advisor during her Morgan State University tenure. She currently serves in her community as an as needed Home & Hospital Instructor for the Charles County Public School during the academic school year. Her former positions have included the Achieving the Promise Faculty Advisor/Life Coach & the Wellness Coordinator/Adjunct Faculty for Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. And a health, fitness, and adjunct professor at American University. 

In 1981, Ms. Pressey started in the health fitness industry in California. Under the direction of Richard Simmons, she taught low-impact aerobics for two years. Upon her return to the Washington Metropolitan area, she became an instructor’s trainer for Spa Lady Health Clubs. And in 1986, Jacqueline launched her own company, Re-Creations Total Body Fitness Company. She also, trained under Billy Blanks, Tae Bo for more than five years.

Moreover, Ms. Pressey has served for over thirty years—and continues to serve— in ministerial/pastoral leadership roles in multicultural community-based religious organizations. Ms. Pressey is in her 6th year as a Hospital Chaplain. She is currently pursuing an ACPE/BCCI professional board certification in Hospital Chaplaincy by completing her Clinical Pastoral Education units at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. Her love and passion are to serve in excellence no matter what the Lord's assignment has been given her to do!

Ecclesiastical Covering:

Faith Assembly of Christ Church

Bishop Al & Pastor Tee Way

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Email: teeway@comcast.net