Spiritual Pet Care Services

A service that provides family support care during difficult pet time

How to deal with the loss of a pet?

  • Acknowledge and accept the reality of the death of your pet and prepare for it. Take your time through this process of the new normal without your pet. cry, share your grief.

  • If given the opportunity, take lasting pictures of your pet, make a picture memorial, save a favorite toy or blanket for a keepsake.

  • Move through the pain of your loss and embrace it. And take small steady steps to replace the emotional space that your pet held in your life.

  • Continue your other relationships, adjust your self-identity with out your pet. Search for new meaning, hobbies and when you are ready consider giving a new pet a loving home.


(American Veterinary Medical Association, 2018).

Prayers for Paws


Things to Remember:

The experience of loss is different for everyone and can present unique challenges.
Do what’s best for you!

Available Services

Our sincere goals are to be the Rare Fit that will provide spiritual care support and comfort to you during difficult pet times.

  • Spiritual support during pet distress, injury and/or end of life comfort care.

  • End of life Memorial Service.

  • Establish a Grief Support Group (1month/4 1-hour visits).

Service Rates

  • 1st hour (minimum): $55.00

  • 2nd hour $25.00 additional = $80.00

  • 3rd hour (maximum) $20.00 additional = $100.00

  • Support Group: $35.00 per hour

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For the love of our pets!


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